Monday, March 31, 2014

Singing Instruction - Words That Work For You, Vowel Modification

Singing Instruction - Words That Work For You, Vowel Modification

Poets and songwriters use self-expressive words often and effectively. For the singer or actor, the trick is to train yourself to recognize those special words quickly and easily, and then to speak or sing them almost reflexively, letting their emotion, color and power come through.

Let's suppose you are singing these lyrics: "My beautiful love, as we lie together now I feel as if I were rising up to heaven, softly and gently, but within the quietness there is thunder." (I realize that probably sounds like a scene from a porn movie, but....

Look carefully and the expressive words will pop out: "beautiful," "love," rising." "heaven," "softly," "gently", "quietness"

Speak each of these words several times. Take your time, and you will hear them express themselves by their sounds. Listen to what part of the word is the most expressive. For instance, the word "beautiful" expresses itself beautifully when we gently stress the "beaut" section. Maybe we stretch that part out a little, making the feeling more beautiful.

The word "softly" really does express softness. Gentleness. While the word "thunder" actually thunders out of the softness. Its sound actually expresses it's meaning, and gives you some powerful clues on how to say or sing it.

Try writing down the lyrics to a favorite song. Then list the expressive words. Practice saying or singing them using the technique I described above.

Become more and more aware of the special words and your singing will improve more and more.

2. Can't hit those high notes? Try Modifying the Vowels

How often has this happened to you? You're singing a song, and you get to the most important part and find that a note or two are too high for you. Your voice strains, and you push and try to force them out only to get a squeak. What to do? Find another song or...

One of the most important secrets of singing is called "vowel modification," and it's just what the name says it is: When you get to those high notes you can't seem to squeeze out you modify or change the actual word you are singing to something more easy to handle. Let's find out how this works.

The singing vowels are "A", "ee", "Ah", "O", and "au". All words use some variation of these vowels in their makeup. This is nothing new. But did you know that vowels can be substituded for each other when we sing very high notes?

For instance: let's say that the word you are to sing on a high note is "me", and you can't sing it without sounding like Tarzan. Try substituting "mih" for "me". This could make it much easier to sing the note, and the listeners probably won't hear the difference.

Instead of singing "mine" sing "mahn"

Substitute "lave" for "love; "raht" for "right'; And so on.

Examine the vowels you are supposed to sing on those very high notes and try substituting vowels which are easier for you to handle. Record yourself doing this and you will hear that the word still seems the same unless you modify it too much. Experiment and you will discover that you can sing those impossible songs...with a little vowel-tweaking.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Skills Are Needed To Work On Internet Of Things

Belarus The market could also create demand for a new kind of IT specialist those who can both engineer new products and process the data they collect, analysts and industry experts say. Photos of the day: Feb. 14, 2014 A 2011 McKinsey report estimated that the United States faces a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with deep data analytics skills, and 1.5 million managers and analysts to make business decisions based on their findings. In response to this shortage, GE has been training data specialists internally for the past few years, said Marco Annunziata, GEs chief economist. In 2011, the company opened a software center in San Ramon, Calif., where hundreds of new employees were hired and trained to consult on Internet projects across the company. For instance, a specialist from the center might help employees in GEs aviation subsidiary collect and analyze data from jet engines to improve production and fuel efficiency. Until the global IT workforce produces enough people who specialize in both data science and software or hardware engineering, we need to start developing them, to some extent, Annunziata said. GE hopes to train about 1,000 of these specialists. The company also looks for these interdisciplinary skills in new hires, Annunziata said. We will have more and more need for people who are a combination of data scientists and operation managers people who have both an understanding of how to use data, how to use analytics, and also an understanding of their own business lines, he said. Cisco, which recently announced plans to develop fog computing, or a network to collect data from devices making up the Internet of Things, is also looking for similar hires, said Joseph Bradley, managing director of Ciscos Internet of Things division. But the company is also looking for candidates who can collaborate with people in other industries, even outside the company, he said, to ensure Ciscos networks are supported. If you looked 10 years ago, across enterprises, 80 to 90 percent of innovation came from within the company. If you think about that now, its close to 50-50.
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Monday, February 17, 2014

instantly Captivate A Woman's Attention With Your Storytelling

If you're like other guys, there will be moments in a conversation where you can't think of anything to say.

What sucks is you could be talking to a great woman, then your mind suddenly goes blank and you can't have anything to talk about.

Once this happens, you can say goodbye to any chance you have to attract this woman.

The good news is there is a way to completely CAPTIVATE her attention during a conversation. All you have to do is utilize the power of storytelling.

It's human nature to LOVE STORIES.

Think about it...

There have been times when you've been completely captivated by a person because he or she was able to tell a really interesting story.

And you can do the same!

By telling her entertaining stories, with you as the central character, you'll completely captivate her attention.

In order to tell a good story you have to first think of different incidents and scenarios which a woman will find both interesting and entertaining.

Then practice telling these stories around people.

The important thing is to get to the point where you can tell this story as a reflex.

Now you might think is you should use a different story every time you talk to a new woman.

But that's not what you should do...

If you have a good enough story, learn to tell it to every new woman you meet.

Although you might know the story by heart, it'll be entertaining to any new woman you've just met. This is especially true when you know the story cold.

For instance one story I often use when I meet a woman is about the time I was running and almost got hit by Bruce Springsteen when he was driving his car.

I craft the story in a humorous way with him giving me the finger and my reaction. Since this happened MANY years ago, I've had a lot of experience telling it and making it really entertaining.

YOU can also entertain women with your stories. Just sit down and craft a bunch of interesting stories. The only requirement for these stories is to create ones which focus on you displaying masculine, yet funny characteristics.

Keep working on these stories till you know them cold. Then practice telling them every time you meet a woman.

I promise if you learn this technique, you can easily approach a woman and instantly captivate her attention.