Monday, February 17, 2014

instantly Captivate A Woman's Attention With Your Storytelling

If you're like other guys, there will be moments in a conversation where you can't think of anything to say.

What sucks is you could be talking to a great woman, then your mind suddenly goes blank and you can't have anything to talk about.

Once this happens, you can say goodbye to any chance you have to attract this woman.

The good news is there is a way to completely CAPTIVATE her attention during a conversation. All you have to do is utilize the power of storytelling.

It's human nature to LOVE STORIES.

Think about it...

There have been times when you've been completely captivated by a person because he or she was able to tell a really interesting story.

And you can do the same!

By telling her entertaining stories, with you as the central character, you'll completely captivate her attention.

In order to tell a good story you have to first think of different incidents and scenarios which a woman will find both interesting and entertaining.

Then practice telling these stories around people.

The important thing is to get to the point where you can tell this story as a reflex.

Now you might think is you should use a different story every time you talk to a new woman.

But that's not what you should do...

If you have a good enough story, learn to tell it to every new woman you meet.

Although you might know the story by heart, it'll be entertaining to any new woman you've just met. This is especially true when you know the story cold.

For instance one story I often use when I meet a woman is about the time I was running and almost got hit by Bruce Springsteen when he was driving his car.

I craft the story in a humorous way with him giving me the finger and my reaction. Since this happened MANY years ago, I've had a lot of experience telling it and making it really entertaining.

YOU can also entertain women with your stories. Just sit down and craft a bunch of interesting stories. The only requirement for these stories is to create ones which focus on you displaying masculine, yet funny characteristics.

Keep working on these stories till you know them cold. Then practice telling them every time you meet a woman.

I promise if you learn this technique, you can easily approach a woman and instantly captivate her attention.

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